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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Review: Two Girls Can!

Author: Keiko Narahashi
Interest Level: Ages 3-7

About This Book: Beginning with the electric pink cover featuring two girls in sunglasses with plenty of attitude, the book overflows with liveliness and a multicultural, capable cast of girls. They can "hold hands,/ give bear hugs,/ be best friends." Various pairs of girls climb trees, share treats and jokes, and even "get really, really mad,/ then make up and [are] brave together." In the grand finale, all the girls join together in an exuberant conga line dance. The text occasionally substitutes activities too arbitrary to demonstrate real friendship ("Two girls can stay dry, or get wet, and dry again"). Readers will feel empowered by the confidence emanating from the girls in these pages as they celebrate the everyday things they can do together.

Why It's On My Shelf: It's amazing to me that girls start to have friendship troubles so early in life. Relational aggression is starting to happen in our kindergarten classes. Two Girls Can is a wonderful read for girls and boys.  This cute little story starts out with a friendship between two girls but ends with many girls being included in the friendship. I want my students to know we can all be friends - we never have to stop being friends and push others out. You'll want this little wonder of a book as part of a friendship unit.

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