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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review: Stories Helping With Adjustment to New Baby

Now We Have A Baby
Author: Lois Rock
Interest Level: Ages 2 and Up
This is a very cute picture book for siblings coping with a new baby in the family. There's LOTS to know and learn about new babies. When we put the older siblings in responsible loving roles - we are building better human beings and relationships. Now We Have A Baby begins by explaining in simple terms what babies need and then in the middle comes my favorite part, "Sometimes you can feel left out." Love it when a door is opened for parent conversation and guidance. The story continues on emphasizing the important role of the sibling. This is a very simple book for the littles. It's not going to go into diaper changing and complicated emotional issues. It's very light which gives room for the parent to take it in a deeper direction.

We Have a Baby
Author: Cathryn Falwell
Interest Level: Ages 2 and Up
Caring for a baby is a constant. They have routines and schedules that change the dynamics of a family. We Have a Baby uses simple text to explore all the things baby needs. "A baby to feed....A baby to dress....A baby to carry." An older sibling (probably under 4 or 5) would benefit from reading this and brainstorming all of the things baby needs - and how they can participate in baby's routine.

On Mother's Lap
Author: Ann Herbert Scott
Interest Level: Ages 2 and Up
From The Book Jacket: "Michael's favorite place to be is on Mother's lap, cuddled close in her arms in the big rocking chair. It's even cozier when Michael brings Boat, Dolly, and Puppy to snuggle with him in his reindeer blanket. But what happens when Michael's baby sister begins to cry?"

Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful book. New siblings sometimes cause jealousy to rear it's ugly head. This is a PERFECT read for including everybody and teaches that Mom's and Dad's can give love to more than one sibling at the same time.  The illustrations are stunning. On Mother's Lap was published in 1992 and will always be relevant.

A Baby for Grace
Author: Ian Whybrow
Interest Level: Ages 3 and Up
From The Book Jacket: Grace so wants to be part of the preparations for the baby. But being a new big sister isn't easy for her. She's too young to go to the hospital with dad, and too little to explain how hurt and left out she feels when the baby does come. Until Dad steps in...Snippets of Grace's world build an enlightening picture of how a young child sees the arrival of a baby brother or sister.

Holy moly what a wonderful book for young families. It was published in 1989 and I'm hoping they keep it in print. It's illustrated beautifully! Empowering and validating conversations will be inspired as you read this with your child. Grace looks to be about 3-5 years old and she goes through a lot of the classic feelings older siblings feel....getting lots of No's and feeling left out. This is bibliotherapy at it's best.


  1. You might also take a look at Bia Gets a New Baby Brother by Katherine Buerger-Smith. It has bright beautiful pictures and easy language for children and adults.

  2. Oh cool! I will check it out for sure. I have more reviews on new siblings coming up in the future so I will definitely get that one!