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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Big Wolf and LIttle Wolf: Such A Beautiful Orange

Author: Nadine Brun-Cosme
Illustrator: Olivier Tallec
Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books

From the Book Jacket: Visually stunning, this third Big Wolf and Little Wolf title involves an orange, a disappearing Little Wolf, and a Big Wolf who wants nothing more than to find his buddy. 

The final title in the acclaimed Big Wolf and Little Wolf series, Big Wolf and Little Wolf, Such A Beautiful Orange! brings the wolves full circle, and then some. Here, as in the first book, Little Wolf disappears, but this time big Wolf doesn't swallow his sorrow and simply hope for him to return. Rather, he sets out to look for Little Wolf and in the process Big Wolf journeys through an alien jungle and comes to realize just how much he loves HIS Little Wolf. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This series is all heart. Here are a few beautiful lines from the book....

As he went on, Big Wolf felt as though he was plunging further into darkness. Gathering up all his strength he howled as no wolf had ever howled before, because no wolf had ever loved a little wolf as much.  

Some friendships are just meant to be. So take care of that friendship, cherish it, and hold it dear. This was my message to the students through the eyes and hearts of these two wolves. The whole series reminds me of the test of friendship and how important it is to do our best for each other. These sweet friends are very endearing and HIGHLY loved by kids. I can't talk enough about friendship as a school counselor - the kids just soak these lessons up thanks to the perfect book. Kinda hoping there is a fourth one!

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  1. Sounds like such a cute book. My son loves wolves. I'll have to check it out.