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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Reviews: Hugs From Pearl and Perfectly Percy

Porcupine problem-solving anyone? Me me me! I just discovered these lovely books about two (yes, two books!!) adorable porcupines who are great little problem solvers.  Their persistence and never give up attitude is exactly what we need kids to understand and apply in their own lives. Pearl and Percy help children to remember that problem EQUALS solution. Hoping for a third book! Porcupine role models. Heart them!

Hugs from Pearl
Author/Illustrator: Paul Schmid
Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Pearl is sweet. She goes to Wildwood School. She's a very good friend to have. Best of all, Pearl loves to hug. Hugs are nice... except when they come from a porcupine. And you know what Pearl is! How (besides carrying a lot of bandaids) will Pearl handle things?  A friendly porcupine figures out how to give hugs without hurting others with her sharp quills. 

Perfectly Percy
Author/Illustrator: Paul Schmid
Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Percy the porcupine loves balloons but he must find a way to keep them from popping. Percy shows that there is no problem too big for a plucky porcupine to solve!  

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