Book Review: Don't Laugh At Me

Author: Steve Seskin
Illustrator: Glin Dibley
Interest Level: K-5

From the Book Jacket: Do you wear glasses? Ever been picked last for the team? Afraid you'll be called on in class? Have you laughed at someone else for the same reasons? Someone you thought was geeky or slow - someone different from you. For anyone who's ever been bullied - it's time to change your tune. This is not a book for whiners, but a new language that will give you the words you need to take charge and stop the cycle of teasing.

Why It's On My Bookshelf:  Build empathy, build empathy, build empathy, build empathy.....I can't say it enough. This book never gets old with kids. Why? Because of the powerful message behind the illustrations and words - love and respect one another. Check out the Don't Laugh At Me's website for the free teaching guide.

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  1. I have used the Don't Laugh At Me curriculum by Peter Paul and Mary for years. The song is great--I had never seen this book--the video is wonderful. This will make a great addition to the curriculum I already have in place! Thanks!