Book Review: Mom and Dad Glue

Author: Kes Gray
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Interest Level: K-3

About the Book: Divorce is an unhappy fact that affects many children's lives, and the story told in this picture book was written for just such little boys and girls. Its message can help soothe their feelings and make them aware that their parents' separation is in no way their fault. A little boy tells his story in simple verse as he discovers that . . .

"My mom and dad are broken,

I don't know what to do.
My mom and dad have come undone,
I need to find some glue."

He goes into a store that sells many different kinds of glue, but of course, there is no glue that will repair a broken marriage. With some gentle words from the store's proprietress, he learns that he can pull his life together and smile again. Parents who are divorcing will value this book as a story they can read to their child and help him understand that although their marriage has not worked out, they still love him as they always have and always will.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is a good one. When I grew up, no one ever talked about divorce. Kids just kept all of their feelings bottled up. Mom and Dad Glue opens the door to healing and helping kids realize it's not their fault and also not their job to fix the parents.  This is one of the best children's books about divorce I have read. Visit the Kids In The Middle website, it's a helpful resource for parents and children who are struggling with divorce.

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