Book Review: My Best Friend

Author: Mary Ann Rodman
Illustrator: E.B. Lewis
Interest Level: Ages 4-9

From the Book Jacket: It's summer, and Lily spends lots of time at the community pool, where she sees Tamika. Lily decides that Tamika will be her new best friend. But Tamika already has a best friend, and no matter how hard Lily tries - from wearing a new bathing suit to perfecting her pool dive - she can't seem to impress Tamika. Lily just doesn't understand. Without Tamika, who will be Lily's best friend? 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I am always on the prowl for really good friendship books. This is one of those REALLY GOOD FRIENDSHIP BOOKS! Get it! There is definitely an element of bullying in My Best Friend. But I think the bigger discussion point is guiding our children towards making good friendship choices. Encourage kids to find friends that will treat them the way they want to be treated. I also introduce the term "good-fit" friend while I'm reading the story. Lily keeps trying to become friends with older girl Tamika. But she is treated quite horribly by her. Yet, she still pursues a friendship. I ask the kids, "This is not a good-fit friend. Why?" Eventually, Lily realizes who she needs to choose...Keesha - the true friend. You will not be disappointed in this book.

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