Book Review: Say Something

Author: Peggy Moss
Illustrator: Lea Lyon

Interest Level: Ages 5-12  

About This Book: Say Something has become an anchor text for bullying prevention campaigns around the country. A young girl initially feels satisfied that she does not participate when she witnesses teasing. When the teasing turns on her, she decides she can no longer be a bystander. The final page of the story in which she talks to the girl who sits alone on the bus affirms small, every-day actions as part of social change. The illustrations in this book present children of many skin tones and body types--among the most beautifully illustrated and true to life portrayals of a diverse student body.

Why It's On My Bookshelf:  When I grew up, it wasn't very popular to tell adults about bully problems. During bus rides home from school I was often picked on by older students, not once did I tell my parents. And not once did anyone stick up for me. I wonder what those bus rides would have been like if my teachers or parents would have read me a powerful picture book like Say Something. I'm imagining I would have had the courage to put a stop to the bullies on the bus. This book teaches kids to not be a bystander and to stick up for oneself and others, in other words SAY SOMETHING. I've seen a positive impact on our student population through the use of this book. More kids are speaking up and not keeping bullying a secret. Parents, counselors, and teachers need to read Say Something to open up lines of communication, kids need to know it's okay to SAY SOMETHING. Learn more about author Peggy Moss and her other book Our Friendship Rules at Say Something Now.

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  1. I am the illustrator of "Say Something," and I can't thank you enough for loving this book and for your compliment about my illustrations. I'm thrilled that this book is helping so many children - and adults.
    Lea Lyon