Book Review: Simon's Hook: A Story About Teases and Put-downs

Author: Karen Gedig Burnett
Illustrated by Laurie Barrows
Interest Level: Grades 2-5

About This Book: Simon is having a bad day; a bad hair day. First his sister gives him a strange hair cut, then his friends tease him. Simon doesn't know what to do. Lucky for him he runs into Grandma Rose. After listening to his sorrowful story she helps him learn an important life lesson; how to handle teases and put-downs. By comparing teases to fishing hooks she tells him a tale of how fish learned not to bite. With fanciful characters such as Harmony Hippy Fish, Freddie Fang, Max the Mouse Fish and more, Simon learns that he, too, can swim free from the teasing hooks that people toss his way.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Hands down one of the best books to teach REAL strategies on how to stick up for yourself without putting the other person down. Kids Love Love Love Simon's Hook. Even better, the author (who just happened to be an elementary school counselor for over 20 years) has a really neat website where you can see all of the books she has published. I have visited the Simon's Hook page and purchased the poster to use as a teaching tool with my lessons. This resource is full of strategies for kids. I've also purchased Katie's Rose and If The World Were Blind from her website.

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