Book Review: Eggbert The Slightly Cracked Egg

Author: Tom Ross
Illustrated by Rex Barron
Interest Level: Preschool- age 8

About This Book: The other eggs in the refrigerator admire Eggbert's remarkable paintings-until they discover that he has a slight crack. Because of his defect, he is banished from his home. At first he uses his artistic talent to attempt to camouflage himself, but his disguises are quickly discovered. Then he realizes that the world contains many lovely cracks. Brush in hand, he travels the globe and produces wonderful paintings of fissures found in things such as volcanoes and the Liberty Bell. Back at the refrigerator, his former friends ponder his hand-painted postcards with amazement and a touch of sadness. The story might be read as a commentary on the lives of artists and/or the dangers and blessings of nonconformity; however, young readers will be more engaged by the illustrations than by philosophical reflections. Eggs and vegetables rarely assume such lifelike expressions and stances, and the simple text and clear design add up to read-aloud potential. Eggbert is an egg worth watching. -School Library Journal
Why It's On My Bookshelf: This book has ten 5 Star reviews on Amazon. I agree with absolutely every single one. Sometimes I feel like we don't talk enough about differences and diversity to children. If someone is being picked on, I love bringing up Eggbert. It is a very memorable book. The author does a good job of not making the issue of differences not too complicated for young children to understand. Eggbert also makes me think of the word Rejected. Lots of kids feel rejected for so many reasons. I want kids to include and embrace everyone, that's why this book is on my shelf. So thankful I found it!

Activity To Do With Your Children: Recreate the scenes in the book by using play food toys. Make sure to draw a crack on one of the eggs! Use the play food throughout the story, stop and role play feelings.

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