Book Review: Finn Throws a Fit!

Author: David Elliott
Illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering
Interest Level: Ages 2-5

About This Book:
Today, Finn does not like peaches.  He doesn’t like anything at all.  He is just plain grumpy!  He slams doors, yells, cries, stomps his feet.  His temper is so huge that when he does these things they have disastrous effects.  His tears flood the house.  Lightning flashes when he yells.  It’s an earthquake when he stomps his feet.  And then it is over.  Readers find out why he was cranky, and now?  Now, he’d like a peach please.

For any parent who has ever survived toddler tantrums, this book hits the mark perfectly.  The drama of the fit itself is right on, cranked up to the ultimate level just as every tantrum feels.  For me, the best moment of the book beyond that charmer of a first page is the end of the fit which ends with this line:

“It lasts until it doesn’t.”

Exactly.  Perfectly and succinctly put.

Elliott’s writing is very simple and yet dramatic.  The short sentences on each page make this a perfect book for toddlers who just may be capable of this sort of tantrum.  Ering’s art is delightfully wild, filled with stormy clouds of emotion.  Done in charcoal, oil paint and grease pencil they work very well in both the sunny parts of the book and the dramatic.  A perfect choice for toddler story time, you could have them yell, stomp, and more while reading.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Temper tantrums - a parent's worse nightmare! Finn's body language in the book is PERFECT. It's a really good reflection of what a child looks like when they are pouting, angry, and throwing a fit. Read the reviews on Amazon to fully appreciate the impact of Finn Throws A Fit. If you want to make an impact on your toddler's behavior and encourage them to use their words - get this one on your shelf.

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