Book Review: I Like Myself!

Author: Karen Beaumont
Illustrated by David Catrow
Interest Level: Ages 3-8

About This Book: This curly haired African-American moppet really likes herself. No matter what she does, wherever she goes, or what others think of her, she likes herself because, as she says, "I'm ME!" Catrow's watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations bring even more humor to the funny verse. The brightly colored art and rhymes are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss's work with their quirky absurdity, especially the full spread of the child and her highly unusual bicycle. Even with "…stinky toes/or horns protruding from my nose," her dog loves her unconditionally. She is so full of joy that readers will love her, too–even when she has purple polka-dotted lips. Titles such as Jamie Lee Curtis's I'm Gonna Like Me and Kathi Appelt's Incredible Me! have a similar theme, but the main characters are Caucasian. A great addition. -School Library Journal

Inside, outside, upside down,
from head to toe and all around,
I like it all! It all is me!
And me is all I want to be.

And I don't care in any way
what someone else may think or say.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This book is a WINNER with kids. They ooooh, awww, and GIGGLE over the illustrations. I'm oooohing, awwing, and giggling right along with them. Other book reviews have commented that the illustrations are Dr. Seuss-ish. I adore the spunky, joyful, smiley little girl in this book. The kids bounce with anticipation with the approach of every turned page. The inside jacket of the book says, "At once silly and serious, this exuberant ode to self-esteem is sassy, soulful-and straight from the heart." SO TRUE! Oh, and you will also love her darling little dog - her self-esteem side kick. Need another book that is chock-full of lessons on self-esteem? Then I Like Myself is destined for your shelf.

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