Book Review: My Many Colored Days

Author: Dr. Seuss
paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Interest Level: All Ages

About This Book: Pairing emotions with colors is nothing new to poetry, but pairing impressionistic full-color paintings to the text of Dr. Seuss is a first. His formerly unpublished manuscript becomes the basis for a simple color concept book; children will easily identify primary colors and enter into the feeling and mood depicted by the creature in every spread: ``On Bright Red Days/how good it feels/to be a horse/and kick my heels!'' Broad strokes of thick paint on canvas create basic forms with texture, sometimes dark and weighty, sometimes bold and breezy. Those who can set aside preconceived expectations--there is no butter-side-up Seuss here--will find that some of the spreads gracefully elevate poetry that often has feet but no wings.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is one of my favorite books to read about feelings. It not only introduces feelings, but also moods. The pairing of colors and emotions is such a great way for kids to communicate how they are feeling. I sometimes notice students using other ways to relay their feelings, and often those are negative ways. My Many Colored Days helps kids to identify emotions in a positive light, through the use of colors. Be sure to ask your child, 'What color are you feeling?' Get this Dr. Seuss book on your shelf.

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