Book Review: Sam Tells Stories

Author: Thierry Robberecht

Illustrated by Philippe Goossens
Interest Level: Ages 4-8

About This Book: This adorable character from SAM IS NEVER SCARED is back in another story preschoolers will identify with. Sam is so eager to make friends at his new school that he tells them a story that isn’t true. After all, he makes up bedtime stories for his little brother, who thinks Sam is the best storyteller ever! But when the truth catches up with him, Sam realizes the difference between telling a story and telling a lie—and he has to face his friends and tell them the truth.

Why It's On My Bookshelf:  This book isn't just about one lie, it's about many lies (stories) being told. Sam makes up stories to impress kids at school, but it also 'bleeds' over into his home life. He tells his mom a lie so that he won't get into trouble. I encounter many kiddos who are purposely not honest so they can avoid a consequence. Sam Tells Stories is a cute book with a GREAT message. Park this one on your shelf. It will come in handy when you have a child that is making up stories or telling lies to avoid getting in trouble. Or better yet, use it as preventive medicine to help your kids avoid that big behavior mistake.

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