Book Review: Where's Mom's Hair?

Author: Debbie Watters, 
with Haydn and Emmett Watters
photographs by Sophie Hogan
Interest Level: All Ages

About This Book: When the author underwent chemotherapy following cancer surgery, she faced the loss of her hair with courage and humor. Family and friends gathered for a "hair-cutting party," where her husband and two young sons (through whose voices the book is narrated) joined her in getting buzz cuts, resulting in "one big prickly-headed family!" Striking black-and-white photos record the party events as well as the chemotherapy appointments, Mom and the boys mugging in hats and wigs, and the woman's hair re-growth. With successful treatment concluded, the family hosted another party where everyone except the guest of honor wore a hat or wig. The warm support of a compassionate community of friends and loving family is apparent on every page as Watters and her sons encounter the changes and questions brought on by cancer. The gentle kindness conveyed in the often-humorous writing will reassure young children facing similar circumstances that it is indeed possible to cope well with a parent's cancer.

"you just don't know how you are going to feel when someone you love
is losing their hair because of cancer." 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Where's Mom's Hair is a REAL tool for children going through the experience of cancer. My favorite thing about the book is the pictures are not illustrations but actual family photos. It's comforting for children to see they are not the only family dealing with the change cancer brings to a family. There are so many discussions that can happen with reading of this book. Not only do parents need cheering up, but so do kids. Feelings....there are so many feelings when dealing with an illness. Where's Mom's Hair is a solid resource for your bookshelf.

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