Book Review: Do You Sing Twinkle? A Story About Remarriage and New Family

Author: Sandra Levins
illustrated by Bryan Langdo
Interest Level: Ages 4-8

About This Book: Mom has a new family! She has a new husband who is not my dad, and worst of all, new kids. Girls! Just as it feels for the young child in "Do You Sing Twinkle?" living apart from a parent can be a hard adjustment for kids. And, when that parent remarries and has stepchildren, things can get really confusing for kids! Told from a young boy's point of view, the book sensitively addresses many questions that children may have while adjusting to remarriage and joint-custody situations. Kids and parents will learn good and easy ways to stay connected all around helping kids to feel special and loved. A 'Note to Parents' is included that will help parents talk to their children and deal with common but difficult emotions as they adjust to all the changes in their lives. This title addresses directly the kinds of issues kids face when parents divorce and remarry. It tackles difficulties of separated parents, stepparents, and step-siblings. It is a 'read aloud' book that is suitable for very young children but readable by second graders.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Some sources estimate the divorce rate in the United States exceeds 50%. So as a school counselor, I've got my hands full trying to help kids who are struggling with family strife. There is a very special place in my heart for children who are experiencing the sadness of divorce. Do You Sing Twinkle? is a bibliotherapy MUST. It's not like children have an on and off switch for their emotions. It inevitably 'bleeds' into their school day. There is an example of this when the young boy has a bad day at school. This bad day occurs after a weekend transition between homes.

I do not have a good day.

I do not feel like reading so I say
"Pass" when it is my turn.

I shove my partner
at the drinking fountain.

I throw woodchips at a
first-grader on the playground.

I punch Zoey Enos in the arm.
My teacher calls my dad.

I'm in big trouble, mister!

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this behavior. Sometimes it's attributed to unresolved anger, unresolved sadness, unresolved grief....notice I keep using the word unresolved. Author Sandra Levins takes a whole family approach to healing all of these unresolved feelings. I felt like she was trying to help the parents "be there" for their kids. This is a healing book for your shelf. If your family is in a similar situation, don't hesitate to get Do You Sing Twinkle? A Story About Remarriage and New Family.

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  1. I am the author of "Do You Sing Twinkle?" It's heartwarming to know that my story is helping kids heal from the very real pain of divorce and remarriage. As parents we often drag our kids along as we muddle through our lives. It's important that we be sensitive to their hurts and confusion, and help them along as much as possible. Thank you for the recommendation!