Book Review: Where I Live

Author: Eileen Spinelli

About This Book:  Diana loves where she lives. She loves the astronomy charts on her walls and the fact that she can wave to her best friend, Rose, from her very own window. And best of all, a wren has recently made its home right by her front door! When her family is forced to move, Diana wonders if she’ll ever find that same grounded and happy feeling again. Six Reasons Why We Have to Move

1. Because Dad lost his job. 

2. Because we're short on money.

3. Because Grandpa Joe lives alone in a big, empty house.

4. Because Grandpa Joe wants to share his house with us. 

5. Because I don't get a vote about moving.

This gentle and ultimately redeeming story in poems is about those secure and fulfilling friendships that happen naturally and easily when you live right next door, and the struggles of losing the comfort of a familiar place.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I love this book. Let me say it again - I Love This Book!   A LOT of our students have attended different schools and have had to make many transitions in their lives.  These are the kids who really need us to reach out to them and be compassionate and helpful while they adjust to a new home and school. 

 I especially cared for Mrs. Clifford, Diana's teacher, who validated her feelings when she had to move.  Sometimes when I read a book, I might have a few kids not paying attention. Not with this read, even the squirliest of the squirelly had their eyes and ears 100% on me. I know Where I Live has done a lot of healing in my school. There are not enough books out there helping kids with a big life transition like moving. So I was grateful for this new find and will continue to use it as a tool to help students experiencing or facing a move.

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  1. This book sounds wonderful! We have high mobility in our school - this would definitely reach many of our students. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The kids love it. I was carrying the book down the hall the other day and a 3rd grade boy saw the cover and said: I Love That Book!!!