Book Review: Fox Makes Friends

Author: Adam Relf
Interest Level: Ages 3-6

About This Book: Fox is bored! But he has an idea, he wants to "catch" a friend using a trusty net. Sweet Mama Fox says he can't "catch" a friend but he can "make" friends. So Fox thinks he knows just what to do. He heads to the forest and gathers up some sticks, an apple, and some nuts to "make" a brand new friend. "Are you my friend?" Fox asks. "Can you come and play?" But it doesn't answer. A stumped Fox tries to make even a bigger friend with more supplies. But still, no answer. Soon Rabbit and Squirrel join Fox creating the biggest friend out of a pumpkin, turnip, and more...."Are you our friend?" They ask. "Please can you come and play?" Thinking they'll never be able to make a friend they give up.....defeated. Little do they know they've already made friends in each other. This story of friendship will be adored by all.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Oh. My Gosh. Adorable. Here's the deal on this one....GET IT. The past couple of years I've been on a mission to make my social skills lessons about friendship for K-1 students BETTER. And what helps me in this department are my trusted books. I would like to introduce you to my new BFF.....Fox! Guess what? He doesn't have a clue how to make a friend. He tries making friends out of sticks, stones, and fruit! Ha ha ha ha.....oh yes, lots of laughter from the students during this part. Oh but wait, and as they are laughing they start saying, "That's not how you make a friend!" Voila! So begins my lesson on - "How to make a friend." Fox Makes Friends doesn't fill in those blanks (that's my job) but it opens up the door (in a fun way) on just how to go about it. It's not a long book - it's just right for step one of friendship making. Oh, and it's a BIG book in size with well done illustrations. I'll stop the gushing now.

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