Book Review: The Sandbox: A Book About Fairness

Author: Don Rowe
Illustrator: Tim Archbold
Interest Level: Ages 4-7

About This Book: Johnny is friends with Tim at school and friends with Kylie at home. When Mrs. Smith asks Tim and Johnny to let Kylie join the game they are playing in the sandbox, they do not want to include her. "It's not fair!" they all say. Mrs. Smith agrees. A helpful teacher/parent guide is provided to ask insightful questions that will stimulate conversation and encourage problem solving skills.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Have you ever given kids/students directions on how you would like them to play together? And then you look over and they are completely arguing and it's an all out war?!? This is a great opportunity to use stories that build community. The Sandbox is the perfect read for increasing peace and decreasing conflict. All kinds of learning lessons in this one. I totally dig the ending because it does not end on a super happy note. It ends with the kids experiencing the consequences and the teacher feeling frustrated. And here's why I love that - because it allows the students to sort out what went wrong and why nothing went right for the kids in the story. (and don't get me wrong....I love a happy ending but I need books that allow us to do some community thinking) So how can we avoid and prevent problems during playtime? Oh yes, get your behavior T-Charts ready. What should play look, feel, and sound like? Music to my ears! Trying to create a positive learning community can be difficult when you don't have the right resources and tools. Behavior can be really frustrating, add this one to your classroom management library if you are tired of being reactive and ready to be more proactive.

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