Book Reviews: Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven

Author: Cynthia Rylant
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

A warm, whimsical picture book about the wonderful place where all good dogs go for an endless supply of ham biscuits, good meals and lots of petting.

Via simple verse and bold and folk-art illustrations, Cat Heaven is a place where cats have an eternal supply of catnip, tuna, and warm laps.

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: (Heads up - there is some God talk in this review) Well, get your tissues out. You're going to need them after reading these. They are beautiful. When I was younger and we lost our Irish Setter I was quite concerned (like the good Catholic I was) about whether or not dogs made it to heaven or not. I wanted to know our family member was OKAY and HAPPY. Yes, I was one of those kids who just wouldn't let it drop. I worried a lot about our pup and asked my mom all kinds of questions about death and animals. My mom told me a story about how dogs, cats, and all animals had a place in heaven and were taken care of. I cannot tell you how comforting this was to hear. It helped me to move on and have peace about it. So when I found Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven it was like listening to that healing story all over again. So if you are a spiritual family, these are books you should consider reading to your child if a pet passes. If you are not spiritual, I still think you should read them. They are not preachy and I also noticed God is different hues throughout the pages. I've used this line in other reviews and have to say it again....this is bibliotherapy at it's best.

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  1. I love your blog. It is awesome!
    I was thinking of a book that might fit under the tag of Pet Loss. It's called Up In Heaven by Emma Chinchester Clark. We picked this up at the library a year or so ago, just something random my daughter picked up. It's one of our faves. We have loved and lost a dog, and have two dogs now. Our life wouldn't be complete without them!

  2. Oh wow....just read the reviews on amazon. Looks healing! And am definitely going to order and review. I also just finished reading Old Coyote by Nancy Wood and it also is such a beautiful way to talk about grief. Thank you for reading my blog! It's a labor of love for sure.