Book Review: Three Names of Me

Author: Mary Cummings
illustrated by Lin Wang
Interest Level: Ages 8-11

From the Book Jacket: Ada has three names. Wang Bin is what the caregivers called her at her Chinese orphanage. Ada is the name given by her American parents. And there is a third name, whispered by her Chinese mother. That name, unknown but treasured, is someplace in Ada's heart.

Written for all girls who, like Ada, are both Chinese and American, Mary Cummings''s lyrical text speaks of love remembered and love present. Lin Wang's beautiful paintings evoke China and America.

Additional pages based on Ada's scrapbook will inspire readers to collect their own drawings, photos, and thoughts.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Even though I was adopted here in the United States. I wish there had been a book like this when I was younger because I probably would have read it a hundred times. As a child, I remember my mom telling me the story about how they adopted me and all the little details of how we became a family. I hung onto her every word! Those stories are an important part of healing our self-identity and a helpful way to embrace adoption. Three Names of Me is written to perfection. I always tried to relate to the children in the books when I was a little girl. Ada is someone I would have felt connected to because of her story and the wording used. It's doesn't matter that we were adopted from different countries - we share the same experience and feelings. I highly recommend this gem.

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  1. I really enjoyed your personal share.

    1. Hi Roxanne, I read your blog on a regular basis--I love to hear what new gems you've come across. I also read it to get ideas on books for certain topics. Today, my mission was adoption. I have two lovely, fabulous adopted daughters, so I'm always on the look-out for new books.
      This one sounds wonderful, and very similar to a much-loved book that we already have called The Motherbridge of Love. Thanks for the suggestion; I'm sure it will make it to our bookshelf soon!
      ~Jeanette Moreau