Book Review: Zero

Author/Illustrator: Kathryn Otoshi
Interest Level: Ages 4-8

From the Book Jacket: Zero was a big round number. When she looked at herself, she just saw a hole...right in her center. Every day she watched the other numbers line up to count. "1 2 3 4 5 6 7..." She wanted to count too! But how could a number worth nothing become something? Zero felt empty inside. And so goes Zero's search to find herself and in others.    

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Could author Kathryn Otoshi be anymore creative? She already blew my students away with the amazing One and now she's back with Zero. It's a MUST book for the littles and I've been using it to teach positive self-talk, the importance of self-concept, and self-esteem (lots of selfs!).

It isn't a particularly difficult thing to help promote a child's self-esteem. If fact, we do it without even realizing that our words and actions have great impact on how children feel about themselves. Unfortunately, kids aren't always being modeled this in a healthy way. Some students are coming to school with a negative tape of words playing in their minds. Luckily, I have an army of books like Zero ready to erase that tape and record new empowering words.

It all starts with thoughts...

You will often find me doing A LOT of drawing while I read my books to students. Thought bubbles are a great visual when explaining self-talk. Below I used post-it notes and we helped Zero develop new positive language.

There's a lot of extension activities I do with simple post-it notes (good thing I have the Costco size for the year). After I modeled thought bubbles, I gave each student one of their own post-its to fill in new self-talk they'd like to start using. It's also wonderful when students come for one on one or group counseling because when I use the thought bubbles - they know exactly what it is and how it applies to their life. Gifts and strengths are something I am constantly talking about with kids. I'm so grateful for Zero. And get One also! They are both engaging and superb.

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  1. Thanks for this review - looks like an author I need to check out.

  2. You'll also love her other book 'One.' Definitely a kid favorite at my school.