Book Reviews: Bossy Bear and Just Like Bossy Bear

Bossy Bear
Author/Illustrator: David Horvath
Interest Level: Ages 2-8

About This Book: Bossy Bear is very bossy. He wants everything his way and he wants it NOW! In his picture book debut, the founder of the hugely successful Uglydolls franchise has created an irresistible new children's book character. With bold graphic art and hilarious, simple text, this book will have young readers recognizing -- and laughing at -- their own bossy tendencies. 

Bossy Bear not being so nice
Bossy Bear loses friends when he demands that he's the Boss

Just Like Bossy Bear
Author/Illustrator: David Horvath
Interest Level: Ages 2-8

About This Book: Bossy Bear is still bossing everyone around--always wanting things his way. But when Turtle starts exhibiting the same behavior, Bossy Bear makes some hilarious attempts at setting a better example. David Horvath brings us another irresistible tale about a bossy little bear and his best friend.

Bossy Bear's friend Turtle also starts being bossy

Bossy Bear decides it's time to change

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: These awesome books on bossy behavior weren't even on my radar until a very sweet 1st grade boy brought them to my attention. Kids have picked up on the type of books I read apparently. Ha! Reading these to the kids has been a blast and they seem to have fallen in LOVE with Bossy Bear. I can tell they really like the illustrations also. And do kids boss each other around or get bossy in friendships? OH YES! So if you are looking for an intervention...try these.

When I was buying the second book on Amazon I noticed there was also a little Bossy Bear figurine for purchase!! UM, HAD TO HAVE IT OF COURSE!

Bossy Bear Figurine

The first day I brought him to class it was as if I told the kids they were going to Disney Land when they saw the figurine. Lots of "OHHHHs" and "AHHHHs." He has Rock Star status with the students. They all got to hold him which seemed like it might have been the highlight of their life. Seriously, they were loving him. The best part is when we did bossy role plays - Bossy Bear took part in the lesson. Love it! He's also made an appearance in some of my small counseling groups. So excited I have this new tool to use with kids!

PS. I believe you can also buy Bossy Bear's friend - Turtle. But I haven't found it yet.....

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