Book Reviews: More Awesome Ones on Sharing

Share With Brother
sequel to Love the Baby
Author: Steven L Layne
Illustrator: Ard Hoyt
Interest Level: Ages 3-7

A Note From the Publisher: Brother has been waiting to play with his new sibling since the day Mommy and Daddy brought him home. However, his excitement soon wears off when everyone reminds him that he must share. As Brother tosses jacks and plays safari with his friends, his family says, “Share with brother and someday brother will share with you.” But he doesn’t want to share, and his temper steams until he is sent to his room for his selfish behavior.

Nevertheless, when the baby becomes sick, Brother doesn’t hesitate to come to the rescue! He strings lights across his bed, reads him a book, and even shares his ice cream. Although Brother likes taking care of the little tyke, he later discovers that sometimes sharing comes with a catch!

This charming tale, complete with illustrations of cuddly bunnies, humorously approaches the subject of jealousy between siblings. Children will laugh at Brother’s silly antics as he grows to accept the baby while parents point out the lesson he learns about sharing.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Just the other day I was out shopping when I saw a little girl point at her younger sister and say angrily to her mother, "But I always have to share with her!!!" Growing up with four siblings I can relate. A little autonomy is what all we older siblings prayed for on a daily basis. Wishful thinking! But what if you framed it in a new way to your child...that by sharing with a sibling you are TEACHING them to treat you the same way. As a child, it's nice to be praised and appreciated for the kindness you give, especially to a sibling.

I think that's why I like Share With Brother so much.  Over and over older brother rabbit is told, "Share with brother and someday brother will share with you." This is a hard thing for him to hear and he is quite stubborn about it. Reminded me of how siblings get in turf wars over little and big things. I plan on using this as a read aloud on building sibling relationships. But it can also be a great reminder to treat each other the way you want to be treated. If you want others to share with you - share with them first. 

Ribbit Rabbit
Author: Candace Ryan
Illustrator: Mike Lowery
Ages: 3-7

A Note From the Publisher: RIBBIT RABBIT, GRIP IT, GRAB IT! Frog and Bunny are best friends. RIBBIT, RABBIT! They do everything together, like fight monsters (ZIP IT, ZAP IT!). And even though they get in fights sometimes-YIP IT, YAP IT!-they always make up in the end. 

Ribbit, Rabbit features an effortlessly clever text that, in less than 150 words, captures the ups and downs of young friendships. Combined with adorably hip and fresh illustrations and an irresistible package, Ribbit, Rabbit is the perfect choice for the youngest of readers.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This has been a major hit in my kindergarten classes. It's got cool wording in it like wibbit wabbit, dip it, dab it, nip it, nab it, yip it, yap it........ahhh, social skills books can be fun!

I thought this was going to be a fast read but I took time to focus on the conflict in bunny and frog's friendship. They love playing together but they sure don't like sharing things. That's a recipe for friendship disaster. A showdown over a robot causes a riff between them. But the robot won't work if they don't get over their sharing issues which they quickly realize as they sit alone. They also take a moment to think about each other (this is the part I care about). Feelings are more important than toys. So important for kids to learn this. Amends are made quite sweetly between them. I'm all for amends in books. Another perfect kindergarten social skills story on my shelf. Be sure to pull in a frog and a bunny puppet if you can. Makes for a much more impactful lesson. I found a toy robot for kids to role play with also.

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