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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Review: If I Never Forever Endeavor

Author/Illustrator: Holly Meade
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Teacher Guide: Suggested Activities

From the Book Jacket: Safe inside his cozy nest, a young bird considers whether or not to give his new wings a try. Wings might take him swooping and gliding, sailing and flying, through a great big, wonderful world. But what if he tries and the wings don't work? What then?

A gentle nudge for hesitant fledglings - of all ages and species - to step out, to dare, and to try. Who knows? If you try, you!

Why It's On My Book Shelf: Endeavor. What a beautiful word the author chose to get an important life message across to children. Life is all about making decisions everyday with the possibility of learning something new. Maybe something big and challenging! In this beautifully written and illustrated work of art a little bird goes through this struggle. Staying in it's cozy nest would be the easy decision. But the brave thing to do would be to give those wings a try. You bet kids can relate to this sort of dilemma in many situations. What was most helpful when navigating the conversation with students was using the VERY HELPFUL activity and discussion guide. I also think this is a great graduation picture book for someone. Loved it.

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