Book Review: The Worst Day of My Life Ever! My Story About Listening and Following Instructions (...or not!)

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Book Website: 
From the Book Jacket: RJ has had a rough day...he wakes up with gum stuck in his hair, misses recess because he's late to school, earns a zero on his math homework, kicks the ball into his own team's soccer goal, and messes up Mom's kitchen with his overflowing pancake batter! With his mother's help, RJ learns that his problems happen because he doesn't listen or pay attention to directions from her, his school principal, teachers, or even his friends.

This book is the first in the BEST ME I Can BE! series to teach children social skills that can make home life happier and school more successful. Tips for parents and educators on how to reinforce the skills are included.

Children can also listen to the author's entertaining rendition of RJ's story on the accompanying CD. One track features the text only while a second track includes cues on when to turn the page for youngsters just learning to read.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: All of author Julia Cook's books are STAPLES in my academic skills curriculum. There's a very simple reason I re-read them over and over every year -  they WORK. The best way I know how to help kids overcome academic deficits is to practice these weaknesses. What better way to introduce skills then through an engaging story of a character going through the same struggle.

Some kids have no problem following directions, but other kids like RJ come to school everyday with the best intentions and leave feeling down on themselves. That really breaks my heart. As an educator it's my job to help those students find success. The whole reason I started this blog is because I am finding that success through books. If we want kids to follow directions - lets teach them in a loving and supportive way. 

I've already been using The Worst Day of My Life Ever! to do some re-teaching around following teacher instructions. It's going to make a WORLD of difference when we come back after summer break too. Can't wait to kick off some role plays around following directions with the reinforcement of Julia Cook's latest genius.

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