I See I Learn Series

Author: Stuart J Murphy
Website: I See I Learn
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Interest Level: Kindergarten/Preschool

Percy Gets Upset
Sometimes Percy gets upset. He scowls and stamps his feet. But when he learns to take a deep breath, count to ten, and talk about his feelings, he can calm down. When Percy's not upset, he can have fun again!

Percy Plays It Safe
When Percy plays at the park, he's a monster! Roaring and growling, he climbs up the slide, stomps in the sandbox, and jumps off the swing. Will he ever learn how to be a safe monster?

Freda Plans a Picnic
Freda's mom says that she can invite her friends to a picnic in her backyard. There is so much to do, from packing the picnic basket to cleaning up. Will Freda's plan be a success?

Freda Is Found
Freda is excited to be on a class field trip. But after she stops to look in a store window, she can't find her group.

Emma's Friendwich
Emma has just moved to a new city where she doesn't know anyone. When she sees a a girl her age next door, she wonders what she can do to get to know her. What if she smiles, asks to play, and shares her toys?

Camille's Team
Camille loves to build sand forts at the beach. But it's hard to build a big fort alone. Camille and her friends make a plan. They find that they can get more done--and have more fun--when they work together.

Write On, Carlos!
Carlos wants to write his name like some of his friends can. After he practices over and over again, Carlos is proud to show his friends what he can do.

Good Job, Ajay!
Ajay wants to throw a ball strait and far like his big sister, Meera. He tries, but he just can't do it. then his friends remind Ajay how he learned to do other things that seemed hard at the time.

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: Here's what this series covers: making friends, building confidence, playground safety, sequencing, cooperation, dealing with frustration, getting help when lost, and writing your name. These are some of the social/life issues our kids need to master. What better way to learn them then through a concrete series.

Growing up I remember my mom had a set of books similar to these. Granted it was the 70's so they might not have been so vividly illustrated with cool characters. But I read those books OVER and OVER again. They had an impact on me and I remember feeling like a little adult as I gained knowledge about important life skills. I'll be loaning these out to teachers and parents for sure next year. You might want a set of your own to sneak into book boxes in your classrooms. Oh, and of course I'll be reading them to my daughter!

Also, the author talks/previews each book on YouTube. I'm a huge fan of being able to peek at a book before I buy it. Here's a trailer of Emma's Friendwich:

If you check out the series website there are posters you can print out for each book as a teaching tool. It's under the link resources. LOVE!

Enjoy this new series!

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