A Must Have - I'm Here by Peter H Reynolds

I've had quite a few people mention this book to me - just haven't had time to pick it up due to my upcoming maternity leave. But it's at the top of my list.....I'm thinking your gonna want this one.....watch the trailer:

I'm Here
Author: Peter H Reynolds
Interest Level: Ages 4-8

I’m here. And you’re there.
And that’s okay.
But… maybe there will be a gentle wind that pulls us together.
And then I’ll be here and you’ll be here, too.

Pure, powerful, and deceptively simple, bestselling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children—and the friendships they make—can bloom in unexpected ways. This extraordinary picture book gives voice to the often silent world of a kid struggling to connect with his peers and speaks to the universal need to be loved and heard.

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  1. Simply magical.

  2. I know so many kids who struggle with the feelings portrayed in this book. I'm adding it to my queue. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    I love any book by Reynolds. He got me with Ish and I saw Dot reviewed on PPBF last week. He really knows how to make a point without being preachy. :)