Book Reviews: New Ones on Impulse Control

The Busy Beaver
Author/Illustrator: Nicholas Oldland
Interest Level: Ages 3-7 

From the Book Jacket: There once was a beaver who was so busy that he didn't always think things through. After finding himself on the wrong side of a falling tree one day, the beaver begins to see the error of his careless ways. He's eager to set things right, but will his friends and neighbors believe he's truly changed behavior?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: When working with the littles, I don't know how many times I have heard myself say, "Whoa. I need another book on self-control." The kiddos can never get enough coaching in this area. We've got high standards for students and if you have kids who are challenged with impulse control - it's so important to build positive language with them. This one introduced the words "think things through." We had fun figuring out what that means and how it applies to a kid's life. Just like the old saying 'think before you speak' - we also need to Think Before We Act!

OH, No, George!
Author/Illustrator: Chris Haughton
Interest Level:  Ages 4 and Up

From the Book Jacket: George is a dog with all the best intentions. But when George spies a delicious cake sitting on the kitchen table, his resolve starts to waver. You see, George loves cake...What will George do? Chris Haughton's fetchingly funny story and vibrant, retro illustrations are sure to lure dog lovers of all ages - and anyone who has ever met a temptation too good to resist.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This book is seriously cute. I haven't developed a huge lesson out of it yet but I've been reading it to K-2 grades. I've brought along my impulsive puppy puppet for discussion. He is a fan favorite. George has some serious self-control issues when his owner leaves the house. It's a fun story and the students got a kick out of it. We also talked about what an, "Oh No" moment is in our lives and how we can be in control of our behavior especially when adults are not looking! So it's also a story about doing the right thing. Love.

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