Book Review: Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class

Author: Eileen Spinelli
Illustrator: Anne Kennedy
Interest Level: K-2

From the Book Jacket: Miss Fox is tired of hearing her young students quarrel. So she announces Peace Week - no more squabbling for one whole week! Soon, to their surprise, the little animals are finding that it's easy to help others, take turns, and say nice tings, even when someone is grumpy to them. Wouldn't it be nice, Squirrel says, if every week could be Peace Week?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I cannot believe it has taken me THIS long to blog about this wonderful book. Are things falling apart in your classroom? Or are you looking for a resource to teach prosocial behaviors for the start of the next school year? Then Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class is just the story you need to reinforce a positive classroom community. 

My favorite thing about this story is when Miss Fox's class decides to change their ways they still see bad behavior going on but don't allow themselves to get sucked into it. That's a great little life lesson. You will always see conflict happening, but you have a CHOICE to not get involved. 

By the way, I found a great lesson called Peace Makers vs Peace Breakers on a really cool first grade teacher blog called The First Grade Parade. She used the books No David!, David Goes to School, and David Gets in Trouble. But I think you could most certainly use Peace Week too. Check out her cool drawings!

Image via The First Grade Parade

Image via The First Grade Parade
Another cool thing she started was a Peacemaker Conflict Corner. This lady is a genius. You can find a link on her blog to the little book (How to Be a Peacemaker) she created to go in her cool little corner. Her kids are very lucky to have such an awesome teacher!
Image via The First Grade Parade

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