Book Review: Pink Tiara Cookies for Three

Author: Maria Dismondy
Illustrations by Cary Pillo
Interest Level: K and up

From the Book Jacket: Sami's perfect life falls apart when the new girl moves in next door. Sami doesn't need another friend, she has Stella. They are the perfect example of best friends. Mittens come in pairs and so do friends, according to Sami.

Bullying can be very subtle, but it hurts just the same. Three can be a tricky number with friends because most of the time, someone gets left out. Follow Sami as she discovers how to keep her best friend and find room for one more in Pink Tiara Cookies for Three.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: A student came up to me earlier in the school year and asked, "Mrs. D, have you ever felt like the third wheel?" I was a bit shocked she had heard of that phrase. She asked for some counseling time to try and figure out how to deal with two friends who seemed to be sending her signals that she wasn't a part of their friendship any longer. I glanced over at the bookshelf scanning my books trying to think if I had any good ones to share on this issue. NOTHING CAME TO MIND. Ugh. Hate when I don't have a book on a specific friendship problem. But what do you know.......

Author Maria Dismondy has solved this problem for me! She has written an EXCELLENT book on this very topic called Pink Tiara Cookies for Three! This is such a wonderful resource for teaching how IMPORTANT it is to not just be a friend....but to be an inclusive and flexible friend. Jealousy and possessiveness do not belong in the equation. Friendships need to be able to bend and change to allow growth to happen. That's exactly what happens to Sami in the book. She goes through jealousy and wants to exclude another girl. Isn't it funny how kids think that's the only wan they can solve that feeling!? By hurting another person. But empathy saves the day! Sami has a beautiful moment when she thinks about how she has felt hurt by being left out. Lets help kids replace jealousy with empathy. What an inspiring read for children. 

Check out Maria Dismondy's website to see her other books and download the reader's guide for this book.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review!!! I am excited about getting this book on the hands of children across the country!!!!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. Great book. Hope I can get it away from my 5 year old daughter long enough to bring it to school to use!