Book Review: Steps and Stones: An Anh's Anger Story

Author: Gail Silver
Illustrated by Christiane Kromer
Interest Level: Ages 4-9

From the Book Jacket: Anh looked at his Anger. He hadn't seen him for awhile. "Why were you wearing all that stuff?" Anh asked. "I almost didn't recognize you." "I was trying to be inconspicuous," Anger whispered. "I'm not sure if I'm allowed at school."

When Anh's friends go off to play without him, he feels all alone. Then his anger shows up and suggests taking revenge. Instead, Anh discovers walking meditation and finds a path toward accepting his emotions and developing new friendships. 

Steps and Stones can help children learn to understand the causes of their own strong emotions. With humor and compassion, it teaches children and adults how walking meditation can be a tool to calm anger and resolve conflict. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: My lessons on keeping your cool in school just got a whole lot better. This is the sequel to Anh's Anger and it is an ESSENTIAL resource. Kids are managing their emotions all day long. But for certain kids, they have to work extra hard at managing their feelings of anger. As a school counselor, I rely on books like this to help teach calming down techniques kids will actually use.

Steps and Stones focuses on teaching children to cool off through breathing, counting and walking. Ahn's anger walks slowly with him as they do this exercise together. Slowly Ahn is able to work through the feeling and regain his balance. At my school, we teach kids to take a break when they are about to lose their cool. But just exactly what should they be doing during this break? Breathing, counting, and taking a walk should be a part of this routine. In fact, kids can even read this story when they are trying to get rid of anger.

I am thrilled to share such a healing book with our students, especially those who are stuck in constant anger. Parents, teachers, and counselors will appreciate having this on their shelf when they need to teach or reteach this important skill.

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