Book Review: Following Grandfather

Author: Rosemary Wells
Illustrated by Christopher Denise
Interest Level: Ages 8 and Up
Chapter Book with illustrations

From the Book Jacket: When Jenny was little, Grandfather taught her how to button her buttons and how to write for her name. When she was a little older, Grandfather took her to try on the expensive dresses at the stylish Mouse Boutique, hidden deep in the ductwork of the Jordan Marsh department store. And during long summer afternoons at Revere Beach, Grandfather taught Jenny the names of seashells. 

But one day Grandfather was gone. Every mouse in Boston, including Jenny, went to his funeral high in the belfry of the cathedral. So how can it be that Jenny begins to spot Grandfather about town - turning a corner, sitting on a park bench? Could it really be that Grandfather is still out there somewhere, roaming the city he loved? Jenny can't help but run after the familiar silver whiskers, hoping...

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a special find. So many children who have lost a grandparent will benefit from reading this book. Sometimes in my own life I will see something or even smell something that reminds me of my grandma. It makes me smile and is a reminder of how much I miss her. I have to admit this book even got me a little teary. Remembering a grandparent can make a child sad but also brings up all the wonderful happy times. Be prepared for lots of share outs and discussion. What an honor to read such a touching and healing story to children. I have a feeling this will be a heavily checked out book from my shelf.

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  1. So, today would have been my grandfather's 87th birthday. He passed 15 years ago, and it still seems like yesterday. Thank you, so much, for all of the healing and inspiring books that you post.

  2. Thank you so much for this book review, which was so perfect for right now - (1) I'm really missing my grandmother and have been doing things that remind me of her in order to help me feel better, and (2) the mouse infestation in my office just will not stop and maybe this will help me feel a little more kindly towards mice! And I'm always on the lookout for books about grief.


  3. So many children lose grandparents and it is always such a sad time. My grandfather was also a very influential person in my life so I can certainly relate. What a treasure this book will be!