Book Review: Big Mean Mike

Author: Michelle Knudsen
Illustrator: Scott Magoon
Interest Level: 4 and Up

From the Book Jacket: Big Mean Mike is the biggest, toughest dog in the whole neighborhood. He's even got a big, mean car that he drives around the big, mean streets. Everyone knows how big and tough he is - which is just the way Mike likes it. 

Then one day a tiny, fuzzy bunny shows up in his car. Mike puts it on the sidewalk and drives away before anyone can see. But the bunny keeps coming back - with friends! - no matter how many times Mike tells them to scram. Big, mean dogs do not hang around with tiny, fuzzy bunnies! But gosh, those bunnies sure are cute...

This is a laugh-out-loud funny story about not worrying what other people think - even if you are big and tough and your friends are tiny and adorable. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Hilarious! We giggled our way through this one. Because I read so many books that address social and emotional issues - it's nice to lighten up the mood with something funny and not so serious - but still has a message in it.

Mike wants to keep up an image - a tough one. But he has difficulty keeping up being a tough guy because he's actually nice and sweet. It takes some cute little bunnies to help him see his warm fuzzy side. He also gets teased for hanging around the bunnies but he doesn't let it bruise his ego one bit. He stands up to the mean behavior and defends the bunnies. There are a lot of take aways in this story. I tried to gear the message towards those kids who put up a tough front. Sometimes it's really difficult for them to open up. Big Mean Mike shows kids the benefits you reap when you let people into your life - the right people.

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