Book Review: Flood

Author/Illustrator: Alvaro F Villa
Interest Level: All Ages

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About the Book: When a flood threatens to destroy a family’s home, they must leave. What will they return to once the waters recede? This intense, beautiful wordless picture book looks at a flood’s effect on a family  and carries a simple message of hope and recovery.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I've never seen a book like this. It's exceptional. The children who have recently experienced Hurricane Sandy came immediately to my mind. The pictures unfold so beautifully telling a story of a family who is trying to save their house from a flood. Their home is destroyed but it's the rebuilding that will help children understand  when an awful tragedy happens - life can go on and you can be happy again.

What makes Flood so powerful is it is wordless. This is a really smart and non-threatening approach to help children open up about their feelings and fears after a traumatic event. Most importantly it delivers the message that starting over is possible and can be positive. If you are working with children who have been impacted by hurricanes, floods, or any type of house tragedy (fire) please get this book. It's a very therapeutic and healing resource. 

Note: I also plan on using this book to teach empathy.

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