Book Review: Thank You, World

Thank You, World
Author: Alice B. McGinty
Illustrator: Wendy Anderson Halperin
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

From the Book Jacket: The joys of childhood are the same the whole world over. In this compelling book of celebratory rhyme and glowing pictures, eight very different kids, from eight different countries, all go about their day and experience the same moments of happiness: greeting the sun in the morning, swinging, on a swing, flying a kite, being tucked in by Mommy at bedtime. Uplifting and visually rich, this book reminds us that the world isn't as large as it seems, and that life's greatest pleasure are the simple ones.

A Library Find.......
Was at the library yesterday with my daughter and as we were leaving I spotted this beautiful book called Thank You, World......of course I had to stop and take a peek. I about teared up as I read! This is just the kind of book I'd like to start reading before bed with my girl. It's about being thankful and at the end of our day - that's what really counts. Falling asleep with gratitude in your heart - yep!

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  1. Looks like another great book! I read your blog all the time- as a school counselor you are such a great resource! Thank you!!