Book Review: How Do You Doodle?

Author/Illustrator: Elise Gravel
Interest Level: Ages 6 and Up
Publisher: Magination Press

A Note From the Publisher: How Do You Doodle? is a drawing book for kids to help them get in touch with and learn to express their emotions. The book is divided up into different fun doodle activities such as “name your feelings,” “what do you feel when,” and “how does it feel when” to help readers start thinking about what they experience when they are feeling an emotion. How do You Doodle? can be used alone, or in association with a therapist or parent to help kids better realize and understand their emotional responses to situations, and to help promote better emotional health.  

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is the coolest journal for kids to express their feelings. I have been using it in lessons, group, and individual counseling. The kid reaction to it has been really awesome. I'm also suggesting it to parents as a social/emotional outlet for at home. Check out some of the pages:

I'll be ordering lots more of these! Happy doodling!

A Link to This Book and Others You Might Find Helpful:

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