Book Review: Missing Mommy - A Book About Bereavement

Author/ Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
Interest Level: Ages 3 and Up

From the Book Jacket: With warmth, reassurance, and empathy, Missing Mommy addresses the loss of a parent from a child's point of view. This touching story explores the many emotions a  bereaved child may experience, from anger and guilt to sadness and bewilderment. Ultimately, Missing Mommy focuses on the positive - the recognition that the child is not alone but is still part of a living, supportive family. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: As a counselor I am very familiar with the stages of grief. As I read Missing Mommy, I felt like author Rebecca Cobb was taking me through them. This is a book for the child who wants to open up and it's also for the child who needs to be silently validated. The story has a compassionate feeling as it describes heartache, anger, sadness, and finally acceptance surrounding the death of a parent. But I will always remember her. I know how special I was to my mommy and she will always be special to me. Extremely happy to have this as a new resource for children and families.

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