Book Review: Amazing Faces

From the Book Jacket: Whatever we feel - whether happy or sad, excited or wishful, proud or lonely - our faces mirror our emotions. In this contemporary yet timeless collection, sixteen evocative poems are brought to life in diverse and detailed faces that reveal the universal feelings we all share. Girls and boys, women and men invite us to experience their world, understand their lives, and find the connections that bring us together.

Poet Lee Bennett Hopkins gathers these insightful works from an impressive array of authors. Glowing illustrations by Chris Soentpiet infuse the verses with atmosphere and exquisite settings. Readers of all ages will want to feast their eyes on these captivating poems and pictures again and again.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Originally I saw this beautiful book on my friend Barbara's blog The Corner on Character. I was immediately drawn to a poem in the book called I'm The One.....

I'm the one
You turn your
Back on,
Never asking me
To play.

I'm the one
You heard Crying,
Walking home
From School

You're the one
Who could erase
Traced Upon my face.

If only one day
You could see,
What fun
You'd have


Jude Mandell

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  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I LOVE this book and the man who compiled these does have a few more anthologies out there. I'd also recommend No Perfect People, Please by Diane Asitimbay for your poetry collection!

    Savoring the summertime,