Review: Building Everyday Leadership in All Kids

Building Everyday Leadership in All Kids: An Elementary Curriculum to Promote Attitudes and Actions for Respect and Success
Author: Mariam G MacGregor
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Grades K-6

About It: Can elementary aged kids be leaders? Yes! The fun, interactive sessions in this book help kids learn a leadership attitude that can benefit them in social, emotional, and academic ways.
  • 48 ready-to-use sessions teach leadership skills through activities, discussion, observation, reading, writing, and goal setting
  • Activities are geared specifically to early elementary and upper elementary kids, with special modifications for students transitioning to middle school
  • Applicable in a wide range of settings: classrooms, after=school groups, advisory or family groups, service learning and leadership programs, and community and faith based programs
  • Supports academic subjects as well as character education, anti-bullying units, and social/emotional curricula
  • Contains short sessions convenient for transition periods and longer sessions for deeper instruction
  •  All 34 reproducible handouts in the book are also available as downloadable, customizable PDFs at
**Aligned with curriculum standards including the Common Core State Standards

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This curriculum is such a score for my students and my lessons. Leadership has been on my mind lately and frankly - some of the activities I've been using have really fallen flat or were swiped from the internet in desperation. In fact, I'm trying to remember the last time I did a solid lesson on leadership - hmmm....been awhile. Unacceptable. Can my students even define it? I want to change that for next year. The activities are fun, engaging, and students will be inspired while gaining important leadership skills. Thank goodness I have this new curriculum. Cannot wait to put it to GREAT use. I'm going to start using it on Day 1 with 3-5 graders.

PS. This curriculum is not just for counselors. It's essential for teachers too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this book! We are moving to a Leader in Me (7 Habits) School this year and I love the amount of activities this book shares-- I can't wait to start the year off with these!

    3rd Grade Thoughts