Book Review: Rosie Revere, Engineer

Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrator: David Roberts
Interest Level: Ages and Up

From the Book Jacket: This is the story of Rosie Revere, who dreamed of becoming a great engineer. Where some people see rubbish, Rosie Revere sees inspiration. Alone in her room at night, shy Rosie constructs great inventions from odds and ends. Hot dog dispensers, helium pants, python-repelling cheese hats: Rosie's gizmos would astound - if she ever let anyone see them away under her bed. Until a fateful visit from her great-great-aunt Rose, who shows her that a first flop isn't something to fear - it's something to celebrate.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I really loved Iggy Peck, Architect. So when a teacher alerted me a second book was coming out about a GIRL I was ecstatic. Rosie Revere has a creative mind and has lots of big ideas. But when she tries to build something and it turns out to be a disaster - she doubts herself and decides she's a failure. Luckily her aunt teaches her a very important lesson - The only true failure can come if you quit. You will also see Iggy Peck in Rosie's classroom.

This year my school is really focusing on career education. Nice to have this on my shelf to help encourage children to follow a path towards whatever they aspire to be.

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  1. Wow, I'm definitely getting this book. Career education is a big topic this year and it is hard to find books with such a great message and main character. Thanks so much for sharing this!!