Book Review: The Very Inappropriate Word

Author: Jim Tobin
Illustrator: Dave Coverly
Interest Level: Ages 6 and Up

From the Book Jacket: Michael loved collecting words. Big words like smithereens, little words like vast, and fast words like dragster. Then one day, he picked up a new word. A BAD word. An INAPPROPRIATE word. At least that's what his sister said. But Michael kind of liked the word and thought he might try it out. At school. Bad idea.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: We are not going to stop kids from learning inappropriate words. Last week a 2nd grade student was upset with a peer over a small problem. She handled it by getting a piece of paper and wrote one word on it - the F word. Then handed it to the girl. I was a little stunned by her behavior but not shocked. Words have power - especially bad ones. Kids figure this out quickly. The Very Inappropriate Word is the resource I've been waiting for because it's actually helpful. The story ends encouraging children to expand their vocabulary in a positive way. So instead of writing nasty notes we can remind kids there is a world of words they can use to express themselves with dignity and respect. This is a great read aloud for my social skills lessons - but I also cannot wait to use this with my daughter someday. 

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