Book Review: Visiting Feelings

by Lauren Rubenstein
illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger
Publisher: Magination Press

From the Book Jacket: Visiting Feelings harnesses a young child's innate capacity to fully experience the present moment. Rather than label or define specific emotions and feelings, Visiting Feelings, invites children to sense, explore, and befriend all of their feelings with acceptance and equanimity. Children can explore their emotions with their senses and gain an understanding of how feelings can lodge in the body, as conveyed by common expressions like "a pit in the stomach" or "a lump in the throat."

Children can cultivate mindfulness and nurture their emotional intelligence. In essence, mindfulness is tuning into yourself and paying attention to the present moment without judging or analyzing what you are thinking or feeling. Practicing mindfulness can enhance many aspects of a person's well-being, help develop insight and empathy, and build resilience.

**A Note to Parents provides more information about emotional awareness and  mindfulness; plus practical advice and activities for introducing mindfulness into your home and daily family routine.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Visiting Feelings is really helping me work with children who go into shutdown mode. Helping kids tune into their emotions can be really challenging and it's important I have lots of different types of feelings books on my shelf. This definitely sparks deeper thinking and gently encourages openness. It's been perfect for a small group setting with an art therapy. activity My goal for all the students in my school is that I am able to help their emotional intelligence grow. There are so many things we can do to help teach children how to tap into their feelings. This is a GREAT resource to do so.

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