Book Review: Willow Finds a Way

Author: Lana Button
Illustrator: Tania Howells
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

From the Book Jacket: In Willow's class, Kristabelle was the boss. Willow wants to go to Kristabelle's fantastic birthday party. So even though she'd rather not, Willow sits at Kristabelle's table for snack, claps for her tricks on the climber, and wears pink, Kristabelle's favorite color. But when her bossy classmate un-invites some children from her party, Willow finds a way - a quiet but sure Willow way - to say "no."

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Dear Bossy Kids: watch out!! Because this book empowers kids to stand up to unkindness. Willow Finds a Way starts out with a birthday party where everyone is included. Sounds great! However, when kids don't do everything Kristabelle says - exclusiveness enters the scene. She immediately starts crossing kids names off of her public birthday list. Very hurtful. But no one wants to stand up to her mean ways. The author uses lines like: You're not my friend anymore. These words really sting. And I have heard that phrase (emotional weapon) used by kids.

Willow overcomes her fears of standing up to Kristabelle and decides to cross her own name off the birthday list. Soon all the kids follow suit and do the same. The consequences of social isolation cause Kristabelle to reconsider her ways and she apologizes by tearing up the list and making things right. Children struggling with a bossy friend will not only relate to this story but be able to find a way to assert themselves in a manner that makes them feel safe and not controlled by mean behavior.

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