Book Review: Wilma Unlimited

Author: Kathleen Krull
Illustrator: David Diaz
Interest Level: Ages 6 and Up

From the Book Jacket: One of the most energetic kids in the town Clarksville, Tennessee, Wilma loves to run and laugh and play with her nineteen older brothers and sisters. But before she's five years old, she gets very sick, and the doctor's news is not good: polio has paralyzed her left leg. Everyone says that Wilma will never walk again. 

Wilma refuses to believe it. Not only will she walk again, she vows, she'll run. It takes years. It takes hard work. But at last she does run - across the basketball court, around the track, and eventually, all the way to the Olympic Games.  

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is an inspiring story to read after winter break. I'm already thinking about June! We all need a good dose of PERSEVERANCE! We live in a time when kids expect an immediate reward without putting in the hard work. We need to encourage children to establish a target and practice their skills to achieve it. Even if it's a small finishing a book. We will be using Wilma Unlimited as our school's book of the month and I am so happy that ALL of our students will get to hear her story and learn the importance of perseverance.

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