Book Review: Regina's Big Mistake

Author/Illustrator: Marissa Moss
Interest Level: Ages 5 and Up

From the Book Jacket:  Everyone in Mrs. Li's class got a piece of paper. Everyone was supposed to draw a jungle or a rain forest. That meant Regina, too. But where should she begin? And what if she should make a mistake? Jungles are sprouting up on classmates' papers all around her, but Regina's own paper remains blank. And when she finally puts crayon to paper, nothing seems to go right. 

Regina's difficult journey of self-expression will be all-too-familiar to anyone who has faced the command to "draw," "write," or "be creative." Readers will come to discover, with Regina, some liberating truths about creativity and originality that should make the most timid reach for a box of crayons.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Children who are striving for perfection will really relate to Regina's Big Mistake. I'm going to use this story to help kids build self-confidence. Some kids think a successful accomplishment needs to be a perfect result from start to finish. When the truth is the process of making mistakes, trying again, and seeing something through is the real feeling of success. 

Regina does not start her drawing right away because she wants to get it just right. How many kids have you seen sitting there - drawing a blank. Or maybe they are afraid of failing. The fear of failure can be a real obstacle. What Regina figures out is positive things can be learned by making mistakes. Such a great lesson to share with students. I'm on it!

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