Book Review: The Promise

Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Laura Carlin
Interest Level: Ages 5 and Up

From the Book Jacket: On a mean street in a mean city, a girl tries to snatch an old woman's bag. But the woman will only relinquish it in exchange for: The Promise. And so begins a life-changing journey of paying forward happiness, sure to touch the hearts and imaginations of readers young and old. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I've been looking for community builders for next year that I can read to K-5 grades. This one absolutely knocked my socks off. It's bucket filling at a deeper level. When a girl steals a purse from a woman she finds it is filled with acorns. The woman allowed her to take the purse on one condition, "If you promise to plant them, I'll let go." This is not a story about planting trees. It's about planting love, care, kindness, happiness.....all of the good. And the girl does just that. She goes from communities to cities to neighborhoods...planting. And all the while, touching people's lives and bringing with her a light to erase the darkness people feel. This book really touched me. Highly recommend. 

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