Book Review: Bernice Gets Carried Away

Author/Illustrator: Hannah Harrison
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

From the Book Jacket: Bernice is having a truly rotten time at her friend’s birthday party. First, everyone else gets a piece of cake with a frosting rose. But not Bernice. Then, everyone else gets strawberry-melon soda. Bernice gets the prune-grapefruit juice. And it’s warm. The last straw is the one lousy (squished) candy she gets from the piñata. So when the balloons arrive, Bernice knows just what she has to do: grab them all. And then, poor cross Bernice gets carried up, up, and away. Luckily, she figures out just how to make her way back down to the party…and she brightens lots of other animals’ days on her way.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: A great message in this one - focus on others...don't focus on what you can GET from others. What's most important are friendships and relationships. Bernice Gets Carried Away delivers this message in such a lovely way. I want to figure out how to add this to my bucket filling lessons. What makes Bernice most happy in the end is when she gives all the balloons away. Because it's really not about the balloons - it's about being a giving person. If you are focused on being a receiving person - you are going to miss out on being connected to those around you. Love.

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  1. The artworks looks wonderful as well. I'll be looking for this book.