Book Review: Let Me Finish!

Author: Minh Le 
Illustrator: Isabel Roxas
Interest Level: Ages and Up

From the Book Jacket: When our young hero settles in to read, the last thing he wants is for some noisy animals to ruin the ending of the story. But ruin it they do. And as it turns out, the boy is quickly approaching a surprise ending of his own! Maybe he should have listened to the animals after all...

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I think this serves as a great social skills lesson to students. I'm always on the hunt for books that might give a perspective about showing respect when someone is trying to learn or is engaged in a task. Every time the boy in the book tries to read he is interrupted. He becomes QUITE agitated. I see this as a great teaching tool in the classroom. As a community we want to teach students to be aware of how our behavior and actions are impacting others. If someone is trying to learn - be respectful. The ending is to the book is a bit silly but the lesson is CLEAR in the story. Excited to have something new to use when teaching listening skills. 

A Link to This Book and Others You Might Find Helpful: 

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