Book Review: Me, Me, Me

Author: Annika Dunklee
Illustrator: Lori Joy Smith
Interest Level: Ages 5 and Up

From the Book Jacket: Annie, Lillemor and Lilianne are best friends for many reasons, including a shared love of singing. So when their teacher announces a school talent show, Annie suggests they enter as an all-girl singing group. What fun!

But when the three girls brainstorm what song they might sing and what costumes they'll wear, Annie doesn't like any of Lilianne and Lillemor's suggestions. It's Annie's way or the highway - the whole thing was her idea, after all! Will creative differences keep the three friends apart? Or will Annie change her tune?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I've been using this one for grades K-2 on how to be a FLEXIBLE friend. It's helpful to have a resource like this when I"m trying to help kids become aware of how their behavior is impacting their friendships. If you choose to always be the one in charge and demand things to always be your way when playing with others - you might find yourself alone. I need more books on friendship skills so I was so happy to come across this one. 

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